My Son is Gay (MSIG)

Lakshmi is a simple, no-nonsense school Principal whose life revolves around her kids and the workings of the school. Content with her own uncomplicated and safe world, she is blissfully unaware of the storm brewing that threatens to shake and uproot the foundation of everything she stands for and believes in. Her son Varun is a happy-go-lucky young man who is the apple of her eye. His world begins and ends with his mom. Always aware of how different he is from the other boys, he sleeps well, secure in the knowledge that come what may, he will always have his mother by his side. He could not have been more wrong.

Lakshmi discovers that Varun is gay, something she can never accept. Varun moves on to find love in Karthik and yet his life isn’t as happy as it was. There comes a day when Lakshmi decides to find her lost son... will they ever meet again?

"My son is gay" is a poignant tale of a mother-son relationship. The revelation of the son being gay and the impact it creates in their lives and people around them forms the crux of the story. It aims to tackle the universal question of acceptance and tolerance of all peoples; inclusion of the marginalised sections of society into the mainstream and upholding the right of every human being to live their life with dignity.

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